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Purpose of the Academy:

To create a network of training and interconnection between teachers and therapists who share the vision of the academy.

Vision of the academy:

* Benefit to living beings through a deep and committed connection to universal human values such as

  • Truth and wisdom
  • Unconditional love for all beings
  • Inner and outer peace
  • Creation and preservation of harmony and beauty
  • Right action.


** Transmission of theoretical and practical knowledge related to all the fields of creation, from the highest metaphysics to the practical knowledge connected to the higher purpose dedicated to theELEVATION of mankind, including:
  • Eternal Philosophy, wisdom from the ancient traditions and  the great teachers of mankind;
  • The essence and meaning of living and dying;
  • Tools for physical, energetic, psychological and spiritual healing, and balance and harmony of body, mind and soul;
  • Achievement of optimal health at all levels;
  • Tools for personal and social empowerment;
  • Tools for positive actions towards others and society;
  • Education in universal human values;
  • Creation of harmony and beauty through enlightened arts connected to the laws of creation and universal harmony: sacred geometry and architecture, sacred music, theater of light…
  • Proper ecology and care for all sentient beings, the plant kingdom, and Mother Earth.


"I have a vision:

A vision in which teachers and therapists join together in a powerful and benevolent network, teach one another theoretical and practical tools connected to the diverse fields of physical, energetic, psychological and spiritual health, towards personal and social empowerment, common creation destined to the higher good for all, wisdom and  knowledge in harmony with eternal truth and the universal values of
-Non violence
-Right conduct
For the purpose of creating happiness, beauty and harmony at personal and social levels.

To achieve this  vision, the academy has been created to provide a powerful, flexible and effective energetic network, for the optimal training of teachers and therapists  who experience in their soul this  same call to benefit, help, heal, teach, learn, and grow through mutual support, empowerment, honor and appreciation.

This energetic network does not need a common building, but would be spread as a network of points of light covering the Earth as lighthouses.

This network will continue to  become stronger and more empowered, through smaller and larger working groups that will be spread in different locations, according to the needs of the teachers and students, according to their diverse specialties, and in harmony with the common purpose of benefiting with all creatures, in particular and together, starting with  the earth and to all creatures living on its surface.

The teachers will  collaborate with each other, support and empower one another, each of them teaching the fields in which s/he specializes, and learning from others what might be missing to  the right and precise connection to their personal, social and cosmic mission,  with humility and service to that higher cause, faithfulness to the laws of higher ethics, mutual respect and indisputable harmony.

Another metaphor describing the academy would be the one of a huge cosmic orchestra, in which each musician would play his/her part in perfect accordance with all the others, and with the general cosmic harmony.
The conductor of this orchestra is the Supreme Higher Divine Power, the Great Spirit that is blowing through the wind, chords and percussion instruments.
The Great Spirit sounds the perfect sounds, rhythms, and  frequencies that are in harmony with the whole of Creation, and resonate from level to level the sounds, harmonics and rhythms that create the perfect whole cosmic harmony of the spheres, from the primordial OM to the finest sounds of the cosmic symphony.

The Academy of "ELEVATION" conceives itself as receiving the higher harmony and these cosmic sounds, and transmitting them to the next levels of the pyramid of learning and realization, with faithfulness, precision and humility.

According to these, all teachers joining the academy experience themselves as being instruments perfectly tuned to the specific vibration of their cosmic mission, and faithful to the commitment they signed before coming to this incarnation.
Each of them is committed to helping create the network of the academy to realize his/her purpose as a musician in the cosmic symphony.
Each of them is committed to playing his/her part with the utmost faithfulness and skill.
Each of them is committed to contributing to the higher good for all and for supreme harmony, through helping, honoring, supporting, empowering one another, humility, dedication to serving the Divine Will, transmitting the light, peace and happiness from the upper worlds unto the Earth, from the infinite light to the darkest corners and recesses, for the salvation and return of all lost sparks back to the eternal light and the Divine plan.

Brigitte Kashtan


May it be Thy will that we succeed in realizing that vision, of playing our part in the creation of cosmic harmony.

Let all beings be happy in the North, in the South, in the East, in the West, in the upper worlds, in the lower worlds; let all the worlds be happy in their Eternal Self !





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